Their job is to help boost the performance of companies who hire them. Experts in this field are highly paid by major companies in order to put them ahead. We all know the stress involved in studying medicine in Nigeria. This is an indigenous oil and gas institution that offers quality training to people intending to go into this sector. Very necessary to acquire this as a Graduate or SSCE holder. However, pharmacy is a profession that requires high-quality education. LAW: The Nigerian legal profession has always been one of the best paying professions in the country. As a graduate, you can participate in their short term program and get certified thereby increasing your employment chances. Though the above opinion by some people cannot be completely undermined, yet there are still some top best professions that are leading, lucrative and respected in the society. It does not really matter your field, as soon as you have the minimum requirement to go for this. LAW: The Nigerian legal profession has always been one of the best paying professions in the country. You stand a good chance of gaining practical experience of exactly the things you will face out there. In addition, I will put more emphasis on point #5 – Build your network. A career in law is very respectable and most Nigerian parents would really encourage their children to study law and make a distinguished career out of their lives. Thanks to Uber, Bolt, Avis and others that have played a huge role in making this easy. Doctors. Some people and even experts have continued to argue that no particular profession should be considered as the best because all the professions are relevant and contribute to the development of the economy of Nigeria. They add value to companies who employ their services and they are greatly rewarded. Doctors may be primary care physicians, or they may focus in a particular area of medicine such as internal medicine, emergency medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, neurology, pediatrics, geriatrics, psychiatry, endocrinology, ophthalmology, or … This is another professional course that can be taken by anyone irrespective of your field of endeavor. 1.1 institute of chartered accountants of nigeria (ican) 1.2 chartered institute of bankers (cib) 1.3 centre for law and business certification; 1.4 chartered institute of marketing of nigeria certification (cim) 1.5 chartered institute of personnel management (cipm) ADS! Call 09038456231. It is equally very lucrative as it comes with good pay. Established in 1976 the body has gone on to train highly qualified physicians by engaging them in adequate training. What you will be trained on include things that are related to real life. Aeronautical engineers are ‘airplane engineers’. all have professional bodies, associations, and institutions in Nigeria. Success is guaranteed when your ambition is to be the best in what you do. Firm owners prefer employing people with this certification. So why not take this professional course now and demarcate yourself from others in your field. Read Also: How to Become a Politician in Nigeria. This is another certificate awarding body. Most Nigerian parents wouldn’t mind any of their children being a lawyer as the legal profession is highly respected in Nigeria. Professional teaching, better described as lecturing, is one of the best professions in Nigeria. First however, let’s consider what engineers really do and the various aspects of the profession. The certified pension institute of Nigeria is a National institute that is responsible for training and retraining of professionals of pensions here in Nigeria. Are you a graduate of any financially related courses or planning to go work with any financial institution? Surgeons / Doctors Salary Range: from 630,000 NGN to 1,950,000 NGN Surgeons top the list of the highest paying careers due to the critical nature of their job. Read also… Another professional body for bankers. I have listed the 5 most important things you need to secure your next job. 1. Interestingly pastoring has evolved into one of the blooming and lucrative professions in Nigeria, with a regular and constant flow of income. Some Universities in Nigeria will not even consider any score less than 250 in UTME for medicine. 16. This organization was formed back in 1963, thirteen years after being successfully run as a local center, in 1976 the institution was then registered as the institute of bankers. Only 15 Packs Left. Their job is very delicate because the safety of the nation’s aircrafts, military or commercial, rests on their shoulders. Petroleum engineering. As a Nigerian, knowing the professional courses available in the country can help you know the best course to go for before you begin your admission process. Do not mix with mediocrity, stay professional and let excellence drive you. They averagely earn ₦300,000 – ₦700,000 on a monthly basis. By Alao Abiodun There are quite a number of high- paying professions in Nigeria but just few are in the top rank by virtue of the income (salary) earned over a period of time by these professionals. Formed back in 1921, the association of general and private medical practitioners of Nigeria including dental and all medical doctors either as owners or employees. This institution award certificate in management to qualified persons, mostly graduates who participate in their short term management courses. Today, after reviewing the report on employment in nigeria, for the ‘nth’ time, I want to share with you a portion of the document that will be most helpful to current and prospective students who wish to become employed after graduation. As shown above, you need to develop professional network. Politicians are greatly rewarded, both in salaries and allowances. Your email address will not be published. Considering the risk associated with this profession, skilled personnel in this field are held in high esteem and treated like expatriates. We promise to deliver … You have to be well prepared and ensure you score so high in UTME. 8. Read Also: How to Become a Lawyer in Nigeria. Petroleum engineers stand a better chance of being financially stabled if they get a paid job in the petroleum industry. These companies also cut across different sectors of the economy. Every accountant and intending accountant should participate in this as it boosts your employability chances, increase your promotion chances. They are being rewarded handsomely for their services especially when they are invited for an event. For fresh graduates who have little or no working experience as required by most firms, professional courses can help make up for it. With the advent of technology and the Incorporation of artificial intelligence in almost all sectors of human activities in Nigeria, this profession has become very relevant and lucrative. HURRY!!! Well, you can do yourself some favor by acquiring this certificate thereby boosting your CV and increasing your chances of being employed. Professional Courses in Nigeria: There are lots of courses in Nigeria that are more applicable and direct to a job. Generally preferred by employers to the holder of just B.Sc owing to the fact that the holders of this certificate are better trained. This article will discuss the Top 12 Best Professions in Nigeria. Top 10 Companies to Work for in Nigeria (2020) – Contemporary times have shown that getting a good job whether it’s 9-5 or 8-6 with a fat remuneration, offers one some level of satisfaction, fulfilment and even bragging rights when it comes to living a comfortable life. The job is a high paying job that comes with exclusive privileges. Certification by this body will not only speed up your employment but also your promotion. You also need to be visible, putting all the available platforms to good use. We have students all over the country who aspire to be pharmacist some day. This is a professional marketing body for marketers and practitioners in related fields such as marketing and mass communication experts, general managers, chief executive officers, sales and marketing directors, customer service managers, relationship directors, media planners, channel developers, creative directors, value builders and brand builders etc. There are many professional bodies in Nigeria today. As expected, the list is dominated by many of the biggest and most valuable companies in the country. It is a matter of time, those who will pay for your type will come knocking. Best jobs in Nigeria comes through relationships. Many financial Institutions prefers employing applicant with ICAN certificate than those with just BSc or HND. Low Fees | No JAMB UTME. Most of the jobs culled from these professions require one to have exceptional creative skills, technical know-how […] Whether it’s onshore or offshore, the Petroleum engineering profession … A surgeon's profession involves high risk and requires extensive knowledge and a long learning path; the necessary ingredients for a … The legal profession is one that is admired by many in Nigeria, not only because of the prestige associated with it, but also the fees and earnings that pop up regularly. Because it is generally believed that graduates of these courses have a higher chance of gaining employment when compared with those that studied other courses. For instance, in as much as it is fulfilling and gratifying to be an ICT expatriate in a reputable organization, it is also pertinent to note that you can’t enjoy the comfort of your executive and exquisite office without the service of a cleaner or an office assistance. Below is a list of professional bodies in Nigeria with accreditation. As shown above, you are in control of your destiny. Get trained by the professionals in this field and be certified as a project management professional. Here is a list of various professional courses for you in Nigeria: The Chartered Institute of personnel management of Nigeria is an institution established in 1968. So, today, i will be disclosing the best law firms in Nigeria and why they are the best. Though some Nigerians believe teachers constitute the class of low-earners, professional lectures, who hold higher degrees, earn big. Usually takes up to six months or more before one can get this by an accredited institution. Also, professional courses can boost your Curricula Vitae (CV) and boost your status the society. Taxation practitioners can add more values to their certificates by acquiring the CTIN certification. So if you have a good car in Nigeria, using for taxi business is a very lucrative business. Read Also: How to Become an Engineer in Nigeria. Dupe Akinsiun Certified Coach I’m sure Medicine and Surgery as a course is not new to you. Before one is issued this certificate, he/she must have gone through the short term certification program which demonstrates that the person has achieved practical experience in a business context, business law competency, and a mastery of business thinking. This is an umbrella organization for all Medical practitioners. Though, with the current Nigerian unemployment rate, recession and the difficult economic situation, one would expect all Nigerian students who want to have a university education to be wise and select the best professional, lucrative, marketable and highly paid course to study. Most of these construction projects are sponsored by the government which generates a fortune for them. This is an updated list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in Nigeria currently this 2020. Lecturing /teaching is considered a noble profession in Nigeria and sometimes referred to as “the mother of all other professions”. The primary idea which this institution was founded was to bring together professional benefit administrators and every other interested body to encourage dialogue, cooperation, and educational opportunities. List of Top 10 Professional Courses in Nigeria 2020 Updates. They are responsible for certifying their participation in various programs with the CIBNG certificate. In Nigeria, their main job is the maintenance of aircrafts technology. 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In actual fact, those who go for professional courses in Nigeria tend to … Professions you can practice without studying them as courses in the university 1.Banking: Top 10 Best Universities In Nigeria For Pharmacy Pharmacy is a relatively good and competitive course in Nigeria. The safety they say is number one before anything. Best Professions in Nigeria – Photo Source: For instance, in as much as it is fulfilling and gratifying to be an ICT expatriate in a reputable organization, it is also pertinent to note that you can’t enjoy the comfort of your executive and exquisite office without the service of a cleaner or an office assistance. 8.  Medical practitioners include; Medical doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, etc.
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