Most companies charge per day and or night prices, with additional charges and fees for specific needs or special treatment. most diets Look for a long term pet boarding facility that has well taken care of fencing, dividers between the runs and gates. Accessibility Statement. Our rates include bottled water, litter, treats, dry food 24/7 and canned food twice a day. The Annual Vet Visit Cost: What to Expect. Long-term (over 30 days): 1 cat $23 per day and $17 per day for second cat. It's just one more special touch we've added at The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat, in our continuing effort to make the cats comfortable and keep you informed. Long-term cat boarding can be a bothersome affair. And title should be "How much to charge for long-term cat-sitting for a good friend?" We have NO extra "hidden charges" for: Terms of Use, In-Home Dog Boarding Cost. (Valid from OCT 2020-MAY 2021) Check out time is 12:00 noon. This Old Cat * P.O. Cat has no spraying issues, that is. Our dog kennel and cattery have varying rates depending on the number of pets you're bringing, and whether it is a long or short term stay.. All prices include GST. After all, it’s not just about providing your cat with a cage or a room to pass its days in. long term pet boarding in Charlotte. We have REDUCED our Long-term Boarding rate as of November 2020, now just $465 per month per room and our rooms can comfortably house up to 3 or 4 cats. $26.00 per guest per night including GST $37.00 for double guests (same family) per night including GST. Your cat will have access to human contact 8 hours per day. Of course, the question on every owner’s mind is: what will it cost? (Click HERE to jump to our Permanent Long-term/Lifetime Care Rates Page). You might think that cats make good travel companions because of their size, but the fact is that most felines aren’t too fond of life on the open road. Long Term Boarding Offered. Pet Boarding Rates. What Are the Pros and Cons of Pet Insurance? Our Temporary Long-term Care is also known as Long-term Boarding for cats. View our prices for having your pet or pets stay at Alida's Pet Resort below. Cat hotels are luxury facilities that specialize in posh accommodations and exceptional services. Pharmacy Hours: You can get started by downloading and completing our LTC Application. By OR So What Is Long Term Boarding? kisses Pet boarding costs range from about $15 to $35 per day, depending on the quality of the facility and the services it offers. The average cost of cat boarding can be anywhere from $9 to $26 a day and will depend on the facility, the inclusions, geographical area and the size of the room that cat is sharing. Overnight stays will cost more. 1 Cat. Contact us for details! $8 per night for each additional cat. Log onto the Internet from anywhere in the world, check in and see pictures of YOUR cats on their very own dedicated web page! They even made the custom size desk bigger to accommodate a cat! At Scratch Pad Cattery, we cater for both short and long term boarders. Or just make sure your house is cat-proof, which it should be anyway if you have cats. Common pricing for overnight boarding in a kennel or cattery is $15-$20 per night. But what it does do is to help us better plan, and be ready for you and your cats should you decide to proceed. Your cat can enjoy the comfort of a spacious and peaceful enclosure. August 07 9 June 2013 at 7:43PM edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Boost Your Income. 8. daily and this is included in boarding charges. Of course you will be responsible for their veterinary care and any prescriptions as needed. treats and shipping policy. If you wish to have your cat groomed during their stay, please contact us ASAP to secure a grooming reservation. The Cost: Just like with a kennel or cattery, the cost will depend on your geographic location and the hotel you choose.
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